Jim Munch Process Services, Inc, provides start up support, operator and staff training and trouble shooting service for your evaporator systems. I am experienced in most varieties of evaporators including single effect, multiple effect, plates, tubular, TVR & MVR designs. I am experienced with the products being typical produced by evaporator systems ranging from food, ethanol, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


I bring over 35 years of hands on know-how to your job site, having provided start up, field support, trouble shooting and training services for several hundred evaporator and distillation systems.

My priority is to provide all customers valuable insight, improved productivity and efficient operations.

How I can help your company

  • Evaporator and Distillation System Trouble Shooting
  • Evaporator and Distillation System Operational Survey and Review
  • Evaporator CIP improvement while reducing CIP time
  • Operational Staff Training on Evaporators and Distillation Equipment
  • Relocation of Used Evaporator Systems
  • Evaporation Equipment Specification
  • Equipment Quotation Review